Where Can I Find Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener?

natural-teeth-whitener-image-16Teeth whitening products have never been more effective or more affordable than they are today. You can get a wide variety of products depending on how severely discolored your teeth are. You can use products that contain a bleaching agent if the discoloration has spread to the inside of the tooth. You can also use products that do not contain bleach if you need to get rid of stains that are on the surface of your teeth.

You can either use whitening toothpaste or natural products such as activated charcoal or warpaint. LoveThySelf.com.au stock the warpaint natural teeth whitener, so you have the option of buying online at your convenience.

Why You Should Consider Warpaint?

Warpaint is a very fine black powder that is purely natural and does not contain any additives or chemicals. It is made using a variety of ingredients that whiten your teeth and give them a polished look. In addition, they get rid of toxins in the mouth and strengthen your enamel, thus enhancing your oral health.

You can use warpaint daily if you like as there are no side effects since it is natural. It is also a very affordable teeth whitening product since you only need a very small amount when brushing your teeth. You can enjoy the benefits of warpaint even when you have sensitive teeth or gums as it causes no irritation. You can use the product even when you have dental work such as crowns and veneers.

Contents Of Warpaint

Warpaint is made up of ingredients that all play an important role in giving you white teeth and a healthy mouth.

Organic sweet orange peel gets rid of the stains on the surface of your teeth while activated coconut shell charcoal gives them a white appearance.
Bentonite clay strengthens the enamel and gums and gets rid of toxins.
Organic lemon myrtle and organic peppermint protect your mouth against bacterial infection and soreness.

Warpaint is a fine black powder that you mix with water to make a paste. You can then dab some of the paste on the tips of your toothbrush and brush your teeth for about two minutes before rinsing. LoveThySelf.com.au stocks the warpaint natural teeth whitener and sells them in stylish jars. Once purchased, remember to keep the product fresh by keeping the lid tightly shut when not in use.natural-teeth-whitener-image-15

How Warpaint Works

Warpaint is effective in getting rid of stains on the surface of your teeth. The product will restore the natural color of your teeth, thus giving them a whiter appearance. It is effective in getting rid of stains caused by the intake of wine, coffee, tea and certain foods such as chocolate. However, it will not bleach your teeth to give a lighter shade. You can use warpaint as your toothpaste by mixing the powder with coconut oil and use the resulting paste to brush your teeth. You can use warpaint in any way that is convenient for you. For instance, you could choose to use it at night and then use normal toothpaste in the morning.

You can also use warpaint and follow up by using commercial toothpaste to get rid of stubborn black marks that may remain after rinsing. LoveThySelf.com.au stock the warpaint natural teeth whitener, allowing you to access it online at an affordable price.